Thomas Henry

Der Erfrischungspionier aus Berlin

Seit 2010 steht der Name Thomas Henry für ein junges deutsches Unternehmen und seine Auswahl an Premium Bitterlimonaden.


Ingenuity changes the world. Only those who dare new combinations can really create something new. Also in the universe of drinks. Whoever mixes the same thing never lands in new spheres. 2 cl knowledge, 2 cl inspiration, a good shot of courage, a splash of luck – that’s the recipe for innovative bar culture.

Our pioneer is Thomas Henry. Pharmacist, gentleman, member of the Royal Society and tireless discoverer in the service of humanity – his invention revolutionized a whole industry. With meticulousness and alchemical knowledge he made water durable. Already in 1773 he refreshed with inspiration and courage the world of drinks. Because soft drinks with carbon dioxide, the connoisseur Thomas Henry was the first to recognize, give mixed drinks a previously unknown youthful freshness and a pleasantly adult character.


Thanks to Thomas Henry, a new age of bar culture has set in, which Bartender is still electrifying today. The fun of trying out creates new enjoyment, innovative recipes create exciting moods, atmosphere follows inspiration. That’s why Thomas Henry is our namesake and ambassador.

We are always in search of the unique composition. Drinks are a science for us. Bartenders around the world were and are inspired by this invention to develop new varieties of best long drinks. That’s why we bow to our namesake with every glass we enjoy. A high on Thomas Henry! And a high on the innovative, tireless and international bar culture!

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