100 % Made in France

FLYBOTTLE is dedicated to flair lovers around the world – we provide them with the best practise tools.

may the flair be with you…

The FLYBOTTLE CLASSIC is the best tool to improve your flair skills. It is unbreakable and life time guaranteed. Different colors are available. Plastic pourer included. Its weight is equal to an empty 70cl glass bottle, 450g (one pound).

The FLY PRO – This unique shape and soft texture allows the FLY PRO to be the best tool for multiple bottle flair practise – no need floor mats to practise – also for show tenders, willing to provide a safe show. Flair bartending is a great way to keep your clientele glued to their seats while faithfully buying more drinks! Our Flybottle® Pro is made from high quality soft PVC material and is the first and only soft texture flair bottle

FLY TRAINING – It’s a unique soft texture bottle, it has been designed for beginners in flair to improve the basic flair moves – it’s perfect for beginners, students, bar schools…
No flair mat, no noise and no pain.
Its weight is equal to an empty 70cl glass bottle, 450g (one pound). Plastic pourer included.

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